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Wendy & Jimmie Heineke


Meet Wendy and Jimmie, a dynamic duo dedicated to revolutionizing the world of Outdoor Hospitality. As full-time RVers and connoisseurs of the great outdoors, they specialize in Operational Optimization, Strategic Sales, Revenue Management of Campgrounds, RV resorts, glamping, and all outdoor destinations.

Wendy is widely recognized as a foremost consultant in the Campground, RV Resort and Outdoor Lodging domains throughout the US. With over three decades of deep industry expertise, she has earned her reputation as the go-to expert for enhancing and growing all Outdoor lodging facilities.

On the entrepreneurial front, Jimmie is a true visionary who excels at building businesses from the ground up. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset drive the strategic development and efficient operations of their ventures. With a knack for identifying opportunities and translating them into reality, Jimmie is the driving force behind the creative aspects of their journey.

Join Wendy and Jimmie on their mission to redefine outdoor hospitality through streamlined operations, strategic sales, and revenue maximization, one campground at a time. Discover the limitless possibilities that await you beneath the open skies of America.

Wendy & Jimmie Heineke
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